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Clout King

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 Since 2006, Clout King genetics have been carefully selected and grown indoors to provide exclusive and complex flavor profiles combined with potency. CK is the culmination of cultivation, culture and satire. We talk a lot of shit and we back it up.

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Airheadz 3.0

Zerbert x Project 4516

Delivers the goods through sticky swollen trichs with a potent mental lift & instant relaxation. Indica leaning, this varietal expresses deep lavender hues with fragrant sweet gas aromas.

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Clout Face

Wagyu x Hood Candy

The best elements of Face Off OG & Cherry Pie combine to create a hybrid race fuel title contender. The experience begins with a gassy cake accented by a bright cherry twist resulting in a full body buzz.

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Mom's Spaghetti

Carbon Fiber x GMO Root Beer

Mom's Spaghetti brings a unique twist to the famous GMO terpene profile. It is a smooth Indica with a rich taste of earthy garlic & sweet grape vine. The effects of this strain are felt head-to-toe before filling the mind with an invigorating focus.


Terdz N' Cream

Why U Gelly X Terdz

   When mellow is the order of the day, choose Terdz N Cream. Cake, cream, gas and lavender fills the palette, giving way to tobacco and diesel notes on the finish.

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Blue Waffle

Guaava Runtz x Moonbow

Smoking the Blue Waffles tastes exactly like maple syrup with a sweet Zkittlez like finish, Sugary milk & berry notes. The high on this one is very uplifting even though it is one of our most potent varieties on the menu.

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Lemon Cherry Airheadz

Lemon Cherry Terdz x Airheadz

Classic candy gas with hints of citrus & sweet sugar.


Peanut Butter Cup

Dosido X Mendo Breath

   Peanut Butter Cup is at the heart of the Clout King story - it’s our award winning flagship varietal. PBC delivers a mind-melting, full body high with earthy, nutty notes finished by a savory gassy exhale.



Meat Breath x Lemon Cherry Terdz

Candy gas notes on the front-end finish with the earthy Mendo Breath/Meat Breath flavor, A very unique smoke.

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Clout Candy

Wagyu x Hood Candy

A unique blend of fruity candy & herbal gas with a smooth finish.


Lemon Cherry Terdz

Lemon Cherry Gelato x Terdz

The connoisseur's exotic. It's the gassy candy of Terdz, balanced & refined by the robust Limoncello Diesel of Lemon Tree. Expect a long-haul high & remarkably flavorful smoke.

Terdz Con Leche (1).jpeg

Terdz Con Leche

Terdz X Horchata

   The OG lover's candy gas, this bag hits you with gassy overtones and hints of sugary sweet. The flavor is fuel heavy with hints of pastry, the high is euphoric and heady.

CK Squared Gold-Black.png


Terdz x Zkittlez

The most anticipated flavor that has ever dropped on our menu. It has higher candy notes than both its parents. This is a greener strain but the terps are so good we had to go with this one. 

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