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 At Upon A Cloud, we soar above the ordinary, cultivating a cannabis experience rooted in purity and freshness. Our mission is to provide a cloud-nine journey for our patrons, offering premium, locally sourced, and pesticide-free cannabis. We believe in the power of nature and the importance of sustainable practices, delivering a product that not only elevates but also respects the environment and your well-being. Join us on a journey where every puff is a breath of clean, green bliss—because at Upon A Cloud, we rise above, naturally.

UAC - Baby Jokers Asset.jpg

Baby Jokerz

Indica Hybrid
White Runtz X Jet Fuel

Earthy undertones with relaxing effects.

Candy Gas Assets.jpg

Candy Gas

ndica Hybrid
Bacio Gelato x Runtz

Uplifting effects with a sweet but gassy taste.

Lemon Cherry Gelato - UAC.png

Lemon Cherry Gelato

Sunset Sherb X Girl Scout Cookies

Citrusy, Fruity notes with a sour twist.

Pink Sorbet - UAC.jpg

Pink Sorbet

Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint GSC

Fruity smells with sleepy relaxing effects.

Blueberry Muffin - UAC.jpg

Blueberry Muffin

Razzleberry x Purple Panty Dropper

Sweet creamy blueberry with a heavy high.

Chocolate Mousse Eighth copy.jpg

Chocolate Mousse

Ice Cream Cake X Cake Mix

Sweet & creamy, dark purple flower with relaxing effects.

OT Assets (1).png

Orangutan Tittiez

Zkittles X Grease Monkey

Dark purple flower with fruity & gassy undertones.

Skilatti - UAC.jpg


Zkittles X Gelatti

Skilatti embodies the essence of its parent strains, combining the euphoric & uplifting effects of Zkittlez with the creamy smoothness & potency of Gelatti.

Cadillac Rainbow - UAC.png

Cadillac Rainbow

Pure Michigan X Runtz

A strain that cruises into the cannabis scene with the smooth elegance reminiscent of an old-school Cadillac. Picture this: A bouquet of flavors as smooth as the leather seats in a classic Caddy, coupled with a hint of gassy richness that takes you on a luxurious journey.

Glitter Bomb - UAC.jpg

Glitter Bomb

Grape Gas X Blueberry Headband

Super sour berry explosion.

P Marker - UAC.png

Permanent Marker

Biscotti X Sherb BX

Permanent Marker entices with its complex aroma—a rich blend of earthy sweetness from Biscotti, infused with the creamy and tangy undertones of Sherb BX.   

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