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Cali Nights

Wilato X GelatoS1

The effects start behind the eyes and the onset is almost immediate. Tropical hard candy with notes of fuel on the back end. As time goes on it mellows into an even ride.



Kush Mintz X Dosido

Combining the disciplined, skilled flavor & craftsmanship of Kush Mintz with the alchemy & adaptability of Dosido; Kushido comes at you like a flash of the blade ready to cut you down! Part street, part strategy, all BADASS.Kushido Has more of a “biscuity” type flavor. Lighter on the sweet & heavier on the gas. This is one of those strains that is truly a gift when it comes to pain, stress relief & appetite stimulation.


Cherry Bomb

Cherry Pie X Zkittlez

The flavor that you get from the cherry bomb is unmatched. The multitude of different flavors you get as you inhale & exhale this strain is nothing short of special. Cherry Tart, Purple Urkle TERPS with a quintessential Zkittlez candy back end with a myriad of added flavors sprinkled in. The effects are very balanced 78 true to the moniker “hybrid”. The initial onset effects start out uplifting, but overtime will throw you into full on couch-lock.

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MAC 11


Take aim & fire away with this badass strain in the Insane Lineup. MAC 11 is our 11th pheno cut of the Miracle Alien Cookies that has an arsenal of creamy terps with a heady feel that will mow you down like a fully-auto.

Insane Skull Logo.png

Hindu Phunk

S1 Hindu Kush

Hindu Phunk is a purple indica strain known for its smooth Hindu Kush flavor & heavy-headed hash-like highs! It has robust spicy, hashy, & earthy notes. An extremely cerebral high that provides you with an acuteness in senses, making colors brighter & lines sharper.


Insane OG

old school OG Kush cut, from Florida to LA.

Keeping it citrus over gas, Insane OG carries tradition, history, & culture from the men & women who risked it all to bring the masses weed worth smoking in the 90’s.

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